About the Y.O. Ranchlands

Located approximately 35 miles northwest of Kerrville in the Texas Hill Country, the Y.O. Ranchlands comprises more than 10,000 acres of beautiful Texas ranch properties.  Established in the mid-1980s as a subdivision of record in the Plat Records of Kerr County, on land that was once a part of the historic and legendary Y.O. Ranch, the properties are today independently owned by approximately 100 individual Landowners.

Each of the individual Landowners in the Y.O. Ranchlands is a member of the Y.O. Landowners Association, most commonly known as YOLA.

The affairs of YOLA are governed by two primary documents on file at the offices of the Kerr County Clerk; the Y.O. Ranchlands By-Laws, and the Y.O. Ranchlands Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs).

Overall administration of the By-Laws and CC&Rs and general management of the regular activities of YOLA are conducted by a Board of Directors, comprised of ten Landowners who each serve two-year terms of office. The YOLA Board conducts two business meetings for the general membership each year, typically followed by a Landowner social evening of fun and entertainment.  Throughout each year, other social events are often enjoyed by the membership as well.

With abundant wildlife, beautiful vistas, sound infrastructure, strong traditions, and wonderful people, the Y.O. Ranchlands has for many years been a great place for land ownership in the Texas Hill Country.  Today’s Landowners continue to work hard to carry that forward into the years ahead.