Building in the Ranchlands

Most people only get one chance to build their “dream house”. If this is your first time having a home custom built from the ground up to your specifications, the most important thing to remember is “you have only one chance to do it right the first time”.

We have tried to give general suggestions under the topic of Building Site. These may help people who have always lived where there is public water and a public sewage system. There are also some general suggestions on site selection.

Under Building Permits, we provide information that should make the permitting process relatively painless. If this guide is followed and the CC&Rs, section 2, are followed, you should have no problem getting a permit.

The section, Contractor Guide, provides suggestions that will help to avoid problems during construction.

Under the Forms section you will find a Building Permit checklist that must be submitted with the other paper work for a Building Permit. Also, there is a Power of Attorney form if you desire to delegate your authority to deal with the Association to someone else during construction.

If you elect to grant the limited Power of Attorney to someone, make sure they are familiar with the CC&Rs to avoid possible fines.